Applications Coordinator

Jonnathan Morales was a licensed real estate broker in Costa Rica for five years. During that time, he assisted clients with buying, selling, and renting properties in the country. He had a business focused on home building and renovations for large projects, including notable achievements like building the organization for the construction of the National Gymnasium in Costa Rica and China. After his successful tenure in real estate and construction, Jonnathan transitioned his career to immigration administration.

For the past 12 years, Jonnathan has dedicated his time to immigration administration. Leveraging his knowledge and experience, he has been helping individuals and businesses with various immigration processes, such as visa applications, work permits, and residency permits. His seven years of expertise in this field have allowed him to navigate the complexities of the immigration system effectively.

Jonnathan’s diverse background in real estate, construction, and immigration administration enables him to offer a comprehensive range of services to clients. Whether they are looking to buy or sell property, undertake a construction project, or navigate the immigration process, Jonnathan’s extensive experience positions him as a valuable resource in these areas.