Residency for Parents: A Guide for Obtaining Residency in Costa Rica as a Father and Mother


Obtaining Residency in Costa Rica as Parents: A Comprehensive Guide for Fathers and Mothers

Who is the residency for parents for?

If you are the parent of a Costa Rican citizen, you may be eligible for the Residency for Parents category in Costa Rica. To qualify, your name must be listed on your child’s Birth Certificate, which is recorded at the Civil Registry. Additionally, other children under the age of 25 who are not Costa Rican citizens can also be considered for residency as dependents.

On the other hand, if your child was born outside of Costa Rica to a Costa Rican parent, you can apply for your child’s naturalization. We can assist you in registering your child with the Costa Rican Civil Registry. For detailed information on this process, please click HERE.

Why choose the Residency for parents – What are the Benefits?

The Residency for Parents category in Costa Rica offers numerous benefits for parents. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages:

Permanent Residency: Once approved, you will be granted permanent residency as a parent of a Costa Rican citizen.

Dependents: You can include dependents who are 24 years of age and under in your residency application.

Employment Opportunities: As a parent with residency, you have the freedom to work in Costa Rica, either as an employee or as an independent worker.

Business Ownership: Residency for parents allows you to own a company in Costa Rica and receive dividends.

Requirements for Residency as a Parent of a Costa Rican Citizen

To obtain Residency as a Parent of a Costa Rican citizen, the main requirement is to be named as a parent on the birth certificate of your Costa Rican child.

Documents Required for Residency as a Parent

When applying for Residency as a Parent, you will need to gather several documents. These include:

  • Criminal Background Check: A document certifying that you have a clean criminal record.
  • Birth Certificate: A certified copy of your child’s birth certificate, where your name is listed as a parent.
  • Application Form and Cover Letter: These forms will be completed on your behalf by the designated authorities.
  • Fingerprints: We can assist you with obtaining the necessary fingerprints.
  • Consular Registration: We will take care of the consular registration process.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: You will need to provide eight passport-sized photographs, which can be completed when you visit our office.
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable): If you are married, a certified copy of your marriage certificate may be required.

Please note that all documents should be apostilled in your country of origin. In cases where your home country is not a member of the Apostille Convention, the documents should be authenticated or legalized at the Embassy of Costa Rica in your country of origin. We can assist you in obtaining most of these documents and help you with the required paperwork.

Do I Have to Leave Every 90 Days Once I Start My Residency?

No, once you have initiated the residency process in Costa Rica, you will receive a certificate called the “Hoja trámite” from immigration, commonly referred to as “the golden ticket.” This certificate allows you to stay in Costa Rica legally while your residency application is being processed, eliminating the need to leave the country every 90 days.

However, it’s important to note that if you plan to drive in Costa Rica, you will still need to leave the country every 90 days to get your passport stamped to drive legally in Costa Rica. This requirement is in place because your license is only valid as long as your visa is valid. Therefore, even though you can remain in Costa Rica during the residency process, you will still need to periodically exit the country to ensure the continued validity of your driver’s license. The institution that handles driving related issues is not related to the government department of immigration.

Fees & Expenses


$1850 (primary applicant),   

$1150 (spouse),   

$850 (child) *


*– Prices are for CRIE service. The Government fees and other expenses associated with your residency are not included.

In addition to the service fees charged by the immigration assistance provider, there are other associated expenses when applying for Residency as a Parent. The service fees for CRIE are as follows: $1850 for the primary applicant, $1150 for the spouse, and $850 for each child. Please note that these prices do not include government fees and other expenses related to the residency process.

Apart from our service fees, please keep in mind that there will be government fees and additional expenses, such as translations into Spanish, immigration appointments, local fingerprints appointments, ID card issuance (DIMEX), a refundable guarantee deposit, and Caja registration. For detailed information on these fees and expenses, please refer to our website.

Timeframe and possible Extension for Document Submission

Once your application case file is opened, you will have 90 days to submit all the required documents to the Immigration Department (DGME). However, we understand that there may be instances where it is challenging to obtain the necessary documents within the allotted time frame. In such cases, CRIE can request a one-time extension to submit the documents, at an additional cost of $100 USD per extension.

It is important to note that if we need to submit a time extension request on your behalf, prompt payment for the extension is necessary to avoid the risk of having your case file discarded by the Immigration Department (DGME).

For detailed information on the fees, expenses, and processes involved in applying for Residency as a Parent of a Costa Rican citizen, please refer to our e-book. The e-book provides comprehensive guidance and can be accessed on our website.

Please be aware that the prices mentioned above do not include taxes, and all prices are subject to change without prior notice. We recommend checking our website regularly for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, the Residency for Parents category in Costa Rica offers an opportunity for parents of Costa Rican citizens to obtain residency in the country. With the benefits of permanent residency, the ability to include dependents, and the freedom to work and own a business, this category provides a favorable environment for parents seeking to establish their lives in Costa Rica. By meeting the necessary requirements and submitting the required documents, you can embark on the journey to obtaining residency as a parent in Costa Rica.


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