Digital Nomad Visa: Work Remotely and Experience Costa Rica’s Beauty

Experience Costa Rica’s Beauty: Work Remotely with the Digital Nomad Visa

Who is this Digital Nomad residency for?

Are you considering a move to Costa Rica but unsure if it’s the perfect place to call home? If you work remotely and earn a minimum of $3,000 USD per month (or $4,000+ USD per family), you may qualify for the Digital Nomad visa, offering an extended stay in Costa Rica compared to a regular tourist visa. This article will delve into the exciting opportunities and requirements of the Digital Nomad visa, enabling you to combine work and leisure in this breathtaking country.

Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

Becoming a digital nomad in Costa Rica offers numerous benefits. One of the greatest advantages is the freedom to work from any location with internet access, providing a flexible office space. Say goodbye to strict dress codes and embrace comfortable attire that suits your style. As a digital nomad, you have full control over your schedule, eliminating time wasted in traffic jams during your commute. Enjoy less stressful working conditions and take advantage of the flexibility to explore the wonders of Costa Rica during your free time. Immerse yourself in new environments, meet interesting people, establish connections, and break free from the monotony of the same workplace. The digital nomad lifestyle allows you to experience the excitement of discovering Costa Rica while continuing your professional pursuits.

How does the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica work?

If you’re ready to make Costa Rica your home and embark on a unique blend of vacation and remote work, the non-resident Digital Nomad Visa awaits you. This visa allows for the inclusion of your spouse and children under the age of 25, enabling the whole family to experience the wonders of Costa Rica.

Visa Specifications

Remote workers can obtain a one-year visa, which can be extended for an additional year if the applicant spends at least 180 days in the country during the initial year. The good news is that digital nomads with this visa will be permitted to open local bank accounts and are exempt from local income taxes as they are not earning money within Costa Rica.

Additional advantages highlighted in the new law* include:

Driving privileges: Digital nomads can utilize their home country’s driver’s license as long as their digital nomad status remains active (article 19).

Import tax exemption: The visa grants an exemption from import taxes on computers and other technical equipment necessary for the digital nomad’s job.

*Please note that these benefits are subject to upcoming implementing regulations by the respective government departments. Please keep an eye on our blog or search our blog for recent information. We constantly publish updates on this topic.

What is needed – Requirements for the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

To qualify for Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa, the following requirements must be met:

  • Original bank statements and a signed affidavit must be presented as proof of a consistent monthly fixed income of at least $3,000 USD in the previous year. If you intend to include your entire family in the application, the income can be pooled with that of a spouse or other family member, totaling at least $4,000 USD.
  • Obtain medical insurance that covers the applicant for the entire duration of their stay in Costa Rica, with a minimum coverage of $50,000 USD.
  • Pay the government fee for a non-resident visa as a Worker or Remote Service Provider.

It is essential to note that as a digital nomad, you are not allowed to enter the local labor market or compete with residents for jobs. This means you cannot work for a Costa Rican company but must be employed by a company outside of Costa Rica.

Important Considerations in regards to the Digital Nomad Visa

Keep in mind that the Digital Nomad Visa does not fall under the Residency category. It is a 1-year program that can be renewed. After completing the program, you may consider applying for residency status and citizenship in the future. For more information, please click here.

Do I Have to Leave Every 90 Days Once I Start My process?

No, once you have initiated the process in Costa Rica, you will receive a certificate called the “Hoja trámite” from immigration, commonly referred to as “the golden ticket.” This certificate allows you to stay in Costa Rica while your application is being processed, eliminating the need to leave the country every 90 days.

However, it’s important to note that if you plan to drive in Costa Rica, you will still need to leave the country every 90 days to get your passport stamped to drive legally in Costa Rica. This requirement is in place because your license is only valid as long as your visa is valid. Therefore, even though you can remain in Costa Rica during the process, you will still need to periodically exit the country to ensure the continued validity of your driver’s license. The institution that handles driving related issues is not related to the government department of immigration.

Fees & Expenses


$1550 (primary applicant)


*– Prices are for CRIE services only. The Government fees and other expenses associated with your residency are not included.

The cost of the Digital Nomad Visa application through CRIE services is $950 for the primary applicant. However, please note that this price only covers CRIE services, and additional government fees and expenses associated with your residency are not included.

While the Immigration Department aims to streamline the digital nomad visa process, it’s important to note that the experience may not always be entirely smooth and stress-free. Currently, we are awaiting the results from Immigration regarding previously submitted applications. We will resume accepting new applications as soon as positive news is received.


If you have any inquiries regarding the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you navigate the process and provide the information you require.

In conclusion, Costa Rica offers an attractive opportunity for digital nomads to combine work and leisure in a breathtaking environment. With the Digital Nomad Visa, you can make Costa Rica your temporary home, enjoy its natural wonders, and embrace the freedom of remote work. Start your journey today and unlock the extraordinary experiences that await you in Costa Rica!

If you have any questions regarding a Digital Nomads Visa in Costa Rica, CONTACT US NOW!

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