No matter how long you’ve been here, Costa Rica oozes that much-needed holiday vibe. Every day can be a vacation, whether you have work to do or want to find somewhere to relax and enjoy the scenery, from the fantastic shoreline with sand in shades of color not seen in other parts of the world to spectacular volcanoes and hot springs where people bathe and soak up the majestic beauty of the country. Costa Rica is rich in natural beauty! It’s simple to quit your job, relocate to Costa Rica, and make this wonderful country your permanent residence rather than simply a holiday destination.

A Few Places to Visit If You’re Moving to Costa Rica

When you’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica solely to live in paradise or spend your retirement years in peace, it’s good to spend your retirement years in peace; it’s a good idea to check out a few of the most incredible spots the country has to offer before committing to a long-term stay.



Guanacaste is a traveler’s paradise in Costa Rica’s North Pacific Coast. The sun never fails to shine in this part of the world. Volcanoes, stunning hot springs, and some of the country’s most gorgeous greenery may be found here. You’ll also get to observe some local wildlife, such as monkeys and colorful birds. Guanacaste stretches to Nicaragua’s border, where you may cross and spend some time there during your vacation. If you prefer classic Western movies on TV, you’ll like the Western elements you’ll see in Guanacaste.


If you prefer shopping, Jaco is the place to be. This town has some of Costa Rica’s most fabulous shopping and restaurants. While Jaco is a renowned tourist destination (only a 1.5-hour drive from San Jose), it is also a fantastic spot to visit and live full-time. You may take peaceful nature walks. Take a trip to the beach to try your hand at surfing and take on the ferocious waves. Alternatively, bask in the sun for a few hours. Bring your sunscreen with you because the sun rarely fails to shine here. Many tourists and residents alike love ziplining, hiking, seeing the local animals, strolling around the lush gardens, and dancing the night away with friends and other visitors to the region.

Nicoya Peninsula

You’ll be near the water wherever you travel in Costa Rica. On the other hand, the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the greatest sites to watch the ocean. The Peninsula is bordered by some of the world’s greenest tropical land and boasts 80 miles of beautiful shoreline. Fishing, surfing, swimming, and even visiting a nearby cattle ranch are just a few of the activities available. The weather is frequently hot and sunny in this location. The sunset over the ocean is a unique experience you won’t want to miss. You may travel directly from San Jose to the Nicoya Peninsula in roughly 6 hours. When visiting the peninsula, be sure to see the magnificent waterfalls.

Locating the Ideal Residence

You’ve likely considered moving to Costa Rica for quite some time. This means that you have planned ahead of time for your living circumstances and know where you wish to reside. Jaco, Guanacaste, Tamarindo, Dominical, and Grecia are some of the greatest areas for expats. There are numerous more suitable locations, but these are at the top of the list and are preferred by expats from the United States and Canada who live in Costa Rica.

Because many homeowners choose to rent holiday rentals, which may be costly, finding the right property to relocate to Costa Rica may take some time. When planning a long-term stay, working with a realtor who can discover better long-term rental rates than what you’ll find online for vacation houses is advisable. If you’re lucky, you might be able to rent a property with basic furniture, eliminating the need to bring your own or try to replace everything once you arrive. Many expats prefer to buy a property rather than rent it since they won’t have to worry about a reasonable rental cost.

Moving Your Belongings

Bringing home goods to Costa Rica will require an international professional mover. Importing furniture might be a little pricey due to import expenses. An international auto shipper must transport cars. While importing an automobile can be costly, you may find it much simpler to import your own than to locate one that is competitively priced and in good condition while looking to buy one locally. When purchasing a car in Costa Rica, you should also be aware that buying a car in Costa Rica; you will need to hire a lawyer or notary to transfer the car title and confirm that the vehicle is not already registered to another person.

When shipping from the United States, shipping rates are often minimal and can be as little as $1000 USD. This is dependent on the distance between the exit port and Costa Rica. Shipping from Miami is going to be the most cost-effective. Import taxes can range from 52% to over 80%, depending on the vehicle’s value and age.

Residency Status in Costa Rica

Many expats in Costa Rica choose to stay for the 90-day tourist visa limit. They then leave the country by running to Panama or Nicaragua for a few hours and re-enter.

It is, nevertheless, preferable to get residence if you want to stay for an extended period. Many benefits are available to residents, including savings on local flights, national parks, and other sites where tourists may be paid more.

Aside from the sun and lovely scenery, one of the most pleasing aspects of life in Costa Rica is the laid-back lifestyle. All your friends back home would envy you since you live in paradise.


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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