How can I earn money in Costa Rica? Many people enjoy living in this tropical paradise, but few know how to earn money.

Do you want to stay, live, and earn money in Costa Rica? It takes more than catching a flight and getting in with your passport. You will need to obtain a work permit, which is not easy to get, to work legally and earn money in Costa Rica.

If you find an employer, they can apply for a work permit on your behalf if you have the skills that the local population does not have. The work permit is valid for one year and is renewable.

Temporary Status

You can obtain temporary residency if you gain the assistance of a company that wants to hire you for the skills that you offer. However, it does mean that the type of work you do will depend on your employer. After 3 years of temporary residency, you can obtain permanent residency, giving you greater freedom to choose the work you want to do and earn money in Costa Rica.

Permanent Resident

It is possible to become a legal resident even if you don’t have a work permit. You may obtain temporary residency by purchasing property in Costa Rica or by making a deposit with a bank to show solvency. However, these residency categories do not allow you to work in the country immediately, as you would have to apply for permanent residency after 3 years.

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Employment Possibilities to earn money in Costa Rica

Gaining rightful employment is the recommended means of obtaining temporary and permanent resident status in Costa Rica. What follows are a few employment options you might consider.

Potential Employer

Some might offer employment for you in Costa Rica but expect to be paid less. Be sure to call first and get the details about the salary, hours, social security, how they will help you to get a work permit, and other details before you accept the position.


There is a demand for those who can teach English in a bilingual or language school in Costa Rica. Schools that hire teachers can help you get a work permit. Check out the job status first, as it might be illegal. You might be contracted to work for a partial salary while on a tourist visa. This is illegal in Costa Rica.

Real Estate Agent

One of the more popular jobs in Costa Rica is working in real estate. This is because no license requirement means you can start immediately. If you are bilingual, you can provide a valuable service to foreign investors who want to purchase property and need expert advice on real estate laws in Costa Rica and can speak Spanish.

Become an Investor

You can create or operate a business in Costa Rica and obtain residency status. If you run the business, you must oversee the employees. We can advise you on what is and is not possible to obtain an investor status. Also, check here for investment opportunities In Costa Rica.

Remote Work

It is possible, however informal, to work as a trader, writer, or run any business online while living in Costa Rica. You can maintain your status as a perpetual tourist, but remember that it would be illegal if a Costa Rica company paid you.

Referral Fees

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Taking Advantage of Opportunities

From becoming a tutor to offering IT support to walking the dog, you can find gainful employment without being stuck in a cubicle for 40+ hours per week. You should open yourself to the possibilities which can provide you with the right job at the right time.


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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