Mobile phones are an integral part of modern society. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, make sure you have downloaded some essential mobile apps. What are these Essential Mobile Apps for traveling in Costa Rica or any foreign country?


There will be times when you don’t know a specific word or phrase. You will need a translation application to help you. This application should be accurate in voice recognition and outgoing translations. If you are lost and need directions, the translation application will be your intermediary translator.  If you are unsure how to pronounce a word or phrase, your translation app will rescue you.

We recommend Google Translate. This application works both online and offline.

Driving Directions

Waze is a must-have mobile application. It is free to download and use.


A mobile journaling application is a perfect way to document your trip. It should have an easy-to-use interface to easily create journal entries and add photos with date and location information. 

You can tag your entries with labels like “Costa Rica Trip” or “Arenal Volcano” and use the search feature to go back and find posts from the past easily. 

You can review some favorite journal apps here: mobile journaling app


You don’t want to incur International mobile call fees while traveling in Costa Rica. You should download a free mobile application such as Skype or WhatsApp to let you communicate for FREE over the Internet.

Hopefully, these mobile apps will help make your travels in  Costa Rica trip a bit more stress-free. If you have any suggestions for other apps you use in Costa Rica on a daily basis, let us know in the comments!


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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