CRIE has teamed up with Relocate CR to bring you the best Taste of Costa Rica. You can now make a better decision about where you want to live. You’ll better understand not just Costa Rica’s most beautiful places but also property prices, valuations, and how to invest and buy a home here.

The Central Valley and Northern Pacific Coast Tour


Are you planning to come to CR, or are you already here?
I am looking for great places to visit but don’t know where to start.

Experience our best tour around the Northern Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. For the entire week, you will enjoy sunny days, traditional cuisine, beautiful beaches ideal for surfing, and the country’s best views.

Have your bathing suits ready, because you will have the best time visiting La Fortuna hot springs!

Want to see one of the active volcanoes near San Jose? You’ll have an opportunity to do that too!

Moreover, you’ll have a chance to meet our real estate, immigration, and investment experts. They will give you sound advice on buying or financing the home of your dreams. Our immigration experts can assist you in getting your residency status in CR without a hassle. Are you unsure about your options on how to invest in CR? Our investment experts can provide you with the correct answers!


Which areas will you visit during the 7 days with us?

  • Escazu, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon, Lindora, Valle del Sol
  • La Fortuna and The Arenal Volcano
  • Grecia, Sarchi, Naranjo, Palmares and San Ramon
  • Hot Springs in Tabacon
  • Beaches: Panama, Hermosa, Del Coco, Potrero, Brasilito, Conchal
  • Tamarindo
  • Samara
  • Whale and dolphin watching excursion
  • Famous Chorotega pottery villages of Guaitil and San Vicente


Are you ready to spend a fantastic week visiting Costa Rica’s most beautiful locations?


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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