If you are considering Costa Rica retirement as an expat, a great way to get to know the country is to book yourself on an “Introductory Tour of Costa Rica.” 

These tours do not cost more than a regular guided tour, and they are geared toward people considering living/retiring in Costa Rica. The tour will provide you with valuable knowledge/information and contacts.

Some readers may ask, “Why shouldn’t I tour the country on my own without a tour guide?”

Some disadvantages to that are:

  1. Many written publications that are used for self-guided tours are outdated, and sometimes the information is incorrect;
  2. If you are not fluent in Spanish, communicating with locals to obtain important information can be difficult;
  3. You DO NOT have the same opportunity to make contacts within the country on a self-guided tour;
  4. Self-guided tours typically are more expensive for traveling (multiple buses and taxis);
  5. Self-guided tours can be a safety risk because of your non-familiarity with the country.

A Costa Rica Retirement (aka Relocation) Tour offers you the advantage of not dealing with the aforementioned headaches.

The knowledge and contacts that you gain from an experienced guide are invaluable. You can relax, take in the sites, and ask your questions without losing time finding (lodging, transportation, looking for restaurants) and more… The benefits of a Retirement Tour compared to a Self-Guided Tour should be obvious.

It is a Retirement/Relocation Tour tailored to people who want to move to Costa Rica.

The Typical Costa Rica Retirement Tour

A typical tour consists of the following:

  • The best locations suited to your lifestyle/specific needs;
  • A sampling of Costa Rican homes in expat-friendly areas;
  • A one or two-day seminar with talks from experts in (Residency, Real Estate, Law, Health Care, Banking, Insurance, and more);
  • Meeting other expats that already live in Costa Rica;
  • Learning about “What to expect when you first arrive as a retiree”;
  • Learning how to access inexpensive Health Care;
  • Tips on Investing in Costa Rica (earning passively while retired).

Moving to a new country as a Retiree can be a big culture shock – it can be difficult for the average person. But, investing your time in a Costa Rica Retirement Tour can provide you with all the necessary information and contacts you will need to adjust to living in Costa Rica.

With the information you attain, once you move to Costa Rica, you will feel at home in your new surroundings.


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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