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In addition to being among the happiest nations in the world, Costa Rica is also among the healthiest. Costa Rica is ranked the healthiest country in Latin America and 24th in a new Bloomberg study article.

Outside of North America and Europe, most medical institutions have a reputation for being in decline. As a result, foreigners may be alarmed by the state of the nation’s medical facilities. This makes sense, particularly for seniors considering retiring in Costa Rica due to the lower cost of living there. Although there may be a “decline” in other countries, hospitals in Costa Rica offer healthcare that is on par with that seen in most Western countries. The healthcare system in this country is regarded as one of the best in Latin America.

The State of Medical Care in Costa Rica

It is required by law that all Costa Rican citizens and those with valid work visas apply for the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social or CAJA. This is Costa Rica’s public health insurance scheme, which is regarded as one of if not “the” best in Latin America.

The World Health Organization has ranked Costa Rica as one of the world’s greatest healthcare systems, placing it 33rd overall, ahead of the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. The UN ranks the healthcare system in Costa Rica in the top 20 worldwide.

Research by the World Health Organization found that Costa Rica had a longer life expectancy than the United States due to a less pronounced health gradient and better performance of lower socioeconomic groups in Costa Rica than in the United States. To put it mildly, this results from the existing healthcare system.

Medical Tourism

With more than 20,000 visitors each year and rising, Costa Rica has established itself as a top destination for medical tourism thanks to the abundance of private hospitals and clinics offering high-quality care at affordable prices.

Although it is a relatively recent practice in this country, cosmetic (plastic surgery) and dental operations probably marked the beginning of medical tourism. Since then, the other industries have become more and more well-liked. Mainly for different high-end surgical procedures and other specialized medical treatments. Most of this country’s top surgeons and doctors received their training abroad in places like the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Fortunately, daily, frequent flights from the United States and Canada to Costa Rica make it a quick trip. Most Europeans and North Americans are free from strict visa requirements and frequently receive tourist visas suitable for up to 90 days. Therefore, it may also be a great opportunity to get to know this magnificent nation and spend less money than if their medical operations were done at home.

Did you know that Costa Rica’s public healthcare system accepts preexisting diseases?

For new residents, CAJA’s medical services include coverage for prior conditions, dental requirements, eye care, and more. If a doctor determines the therapy is essential, all these procedures and more may be provided without charge. Additionally, if the CAJA’s approved medicine list covers your continuing or other prescription needs, you might not be obliged to pay for them.

Are you interested in settling in Costa Rica and obtaining healthcare for current illnesses?


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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