A luminary in the finance world, Glenn Tellier stands at the helm as the founder of Grupo Gap and CRIE. Educated at the prestigious University of British Columbia, Glenn’s expertise spans over 25 years, during which he has been instrumental in guiding countless clients through the complexities of lending, investments, and financial planning. His passion for sound financial decision-making is evident in his commitment to excellence. In the 90s, Glenn pioneered mortgage consulting in Canada, playing a pivotal role in securing bridging loans for large-scale real estate projects worth hundreds of millions. Recognizing the untapped potential in Costa Rica, Glenn relocated, bringing his unparalleled expertise in bridge financing to fill the gaps where traditional banks faltered.

Furthermore, as the founder of, Glenn ensures that individuals transitioning to life in Costa Rica receive exceptional, tailored services. CRIE’s dedication to meeting unique requirements truly sets it apart, reflecting Glenn’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every endeavor.