Fernán Pacheco is a highly experienced attorney with over 25 years of practice in the legal field. He established his practice to provide clients with a personalized service focusing on Immigration, Corporate, Real Estate, and Estate planning expertise. Fernán believes that legal matters in these areas are incredibly personal, and every client deserves knowledgeable guidance from an experienced attorney.

What sets Fernán apart is his approach to client service. He takes the time to understand each client’s needs and concerns, from the free initial consultation to the ultimate resolution of their legal matters. Clients can trust that Fernán and his team will be available to answer their questions and accomplish their goals.

Fernán’s philosophy is always looking for the simplest and most cost-effective way to meet his client’s needs. His creative problem-solving skills and genuine interest in his clients allow him to provide most services on a flat fee basis. This approach helps clients understand the financial investment before making any decisions, and those matters that must be handled hourly are billed at a competitive rate.